ECTS Makina Kalıp Sanayii

Our company, which has been serving the service of our valuable customers for years, is producing iron ironing machines and each one continues to develop itself as a company while offering solutions and ideas as a firm with its team composed of experts. It grows day by day .. In the future, We make rollform, cylinder bending, pipe bending and machine and mold production according to your needs. We are also making all kinds of plastic injection molds, metal injection molds, cutting, bending and plaster molds.

  • To provide customer satisfaction by producing cables according to customer's needs and expectations in terms of service, design, quality and price
  • Working environment and conditions to ensure the safety, comfort and peace of mind of our employees
  • To comply with the requirements of the Quality Management System and regularly improve its effectiveness by regular inspection
  • While purchasing, contributing to protecting human health as environmentally sensitive while producing and destroying
  • To improve productivity and profitability by improving resources and continuously improving according to needs and expectations


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